Enabling consistent performance and success

Businesses need to empower their people, and people need to empower themselves.

Achievement - A thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage

I've grown up in Sales and I'm an advocate for the profession and the people within it

Whether you’re on a business or personal journey with us, your success is our success and we just love helping you get there.

Why Sales Enablement

Spend a few minutes searching for ways to improve your salesforce and you’re soon bombarded with guaranteed training this – top performing that. I am going to let you in on a secret, one off Sales Trainings do not work!!

You know it is nowhere near that simple. And, once you embrace that fact, an optimised sales force becomes not only possible, but a lot more probable.

PurplePatch isn’t here to give your sales team an all-encompassing power to sell more. We’re here to give YOU the ability to ‘enable’ them to.

Why Personal Development & Coaching

I am deeply passionate about personal and professional development. Seeing people succeed and investing in themselves gives me goosebumps.

All too often we rely on our employers to provide the opportunities and growth we seek, some might say it’s their responsibility, I, however, have a different opinion. We have to take charge of our own goals, be that personal or professional, only when we truly know what we want to achieve, can we then work with our employers to see how they can support us.

Holistic. We hear that word more and more these days, but it often gets used in the wrong context.

So, just for absolute clarity; when I say “we develop your skills and improve your health through holistic enablement and coaching” – I’m talking about strategies and techniques that guarantee a positive change to every part of your life. I have been a fitness instructor alongside my corporate career since I was 19 and I know that a fundamental part of my success, has been because I made looking after this body and mind of mine, a priority, so I can operate at my peak performance.

Why? Because it’s all tightly connected.  #DoWellBeWell

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