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First, we must seek to understand. We work collaboratively, to peel back the layers and get under the skin of the Sales Business by conducting a detailed Sales Enablement Maturity Assessment, reviewing your existing technology, processes, resources, employee insights, and methodologies.

This is how we determine the priorities and activities that will lead to business outcomes such as:

  • Increased employee productivity & quota attainment
  • Increase CRM and technology adoption
  • Reduced ramp times and employee turnover rates

Let us take you on a journey

We start with your business objectives, goals, and the unique results you are seeking to achieve. Bringing together the leadership team to agree on shared goals and the enablement vision.

Increase Sales Productivity

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Phase 1: Discovery

We conduct a detailed Sales Enablement Maturity Assessment, reviewing your existing technology, processed, resources, and methodologies. Taking into account the needs of the Sales Team, what is technically feasible, and economically viable.

Phase 2: Playback

The research feeds into our Sales Enablement Blueprint which is played back to highlight the key areas of improvement. Working collaboratively, we determine the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on our prioritisation matrix.

Phase 3: Create

We get to work co-creating the structured sales enablement strategy for your business including KPI’s, a clear success criteria, and a Human Centered Training & Coaching Plan

Phase 4: Execute

It’s time to bring everything to life as we begin work on our engagement, aligning to the Enablement Strategy, Roadmap, and deliverables.

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