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71% of newly hired Sales Managers come from internal promotions and often, there is no appropriate training program within the organisation to prepare them for people management, leaving you with inconsistent front-line manager effectiveness & performance.

When Sales Managers perform, so does their team. Ready to make that ripple effect in your business?

Improve Team Performance, Increase Team Engagement, and Reduce Employee Turnover.

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Sales leaders are the lifeblood of the organisation and with >60% of salespeople more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach, it’s an area that requires attention.


Research by the  Sales Management Association tells us, that firms spending the most on sales manager training have the highest-performing sales forces, so let’s work together to empower your leaders with the tools to help them and their teams succeed.

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Training, Development, & Coaching

  • New & Aspiring Sales Leaders - Foundations of People Management, Making the transition from Tell to Teach, Defining your leadership style
  • Existing Sales Leader Development - Coaching Skills, Feedback & Communication, Business Acumen, Career conversations & people development
  • Maintain Momentum Do Well, Be Well - Overcoming professional & personal blockers, Stress Management, Self awareness, Personal growth & development
  • Leadership Workshops & Off-sites - Self Awareness, Team Development

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