Thank You, Salesforce. What a Ride!

FLASHBACK: The Day a Dream was Realised.

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The day I walked through the doors of Salesforce.

Just over three years ago (after a rigorous recruitment process of 5 interviews with varying stakeholders and a presentation to the entire team I would soon be joining), I walked excitedly (and nervously) through the doors of Salesforce, Tower 3, Sussex Street, Sydney.

All the intense research, meticulous preparation and crimson eyed late nights had paid off big time. I had achieved a major milestone in my career with one of the most exciting companies in the world.

Mood Memory: Shaking with anticipation. Eager to learn. Excited to prove my ability.

If you know someone who works for Salesforce, you also know the learning curve is steep. I’m talking ‘Mount Everest’ (with a wheelbarrow) kind of steep.

You’re immediately dragged out of any ‘Ready Zone’ you thought you were in – and cemented firmly into the ‘Salesforce Zone’.

A zone like no other I’d ever known. A zone where the operational rigor and pace are invigorating. A zone where YOU are NEVER the smartest person in the room (which I love). A zone where ‘ideation’ is not just encouraged – it’s part of the culture.

Mood Memory: Mind blown. Completely impressed. Determined.

The Global Sales Enablement Team
The team ‘expanding’ to accommodate the enormous growth and continuing headcount projections. The team I longed to sink my teeth into and prove I could make a difference. So, I did.

Some of the major achievements are:

  • Co-creating the entire APAC New Hire on-boarding and Coaching programs
  • Expanding and managing the Global Internal Social Selling Program to gain further ROI
  • Rolling out Value Selling and Solution Selling Sales Methodologies
  • The development and execution of Training Off-sites, Leader Trainings, and Sales Kick Offs (the largest being 300+ attendees)

Pfffftt, seriously I could keep going!

Mood Memory: Proud – Justified – Future Confident.

Immersed in Self-Education
The beauty and highly rewarding aspect of what I do is … I teach to learn.

Salesforce enabled me to take full advantage of ‘all learning opportunities’ to grow and better myself as a training and enablement specialist.

Mood Memory: Grateful doesn’t even come close.

An incredible highlight, when I was given the opportunity to attend Dreamforce!

San Francisco
October 2018

So, to The Obvious Question – Why Leave?
There have been some pretty significant life events and aha moments I’ve experienced recently, some good and some bad. But, all, have led me to re-focus and look at a far broader picture.

The most significant was when my Husband became ill. It came out of the blue and hit us really hard.

If you want the full story, here’s a brutally honest account Ian wrote and published on Mumbrella.

One minute he was absolutely fine. The next, he was completely debilitated – with no answer as to why. I continued to work through the whole experience (mainly for my own sanity), using my work as escapism to how helpless I felt in our quest to get Ian well again.

Side Note: If this post ever makes its way onto Marc Benioffs feed, I’d like him to know the support and compassion shown by the business, my manager, and my team was nothing short of amazing.

Thank you for the structure and culture you put in place to support your employees in times of need. You have no idea how much it means.

Mood Memory: Forever thankful. Understanding and support we will never forget.

When you go through things like this in life, everything gets put into perspective.

Although what we went through was terrible, we can honestly say we’d go through it all again for the new perspective and gratitude we now have.

I’m happy to report that Ian is now 99% fit and well, after a very long two years.

The Second ‘Realisation’

I began work on my purposevalues, and experience.

Part of my role allows me to run educational sessions with our customers. ‘Lifting the hood’ on how we at Salesforce run sales enablement, training, and development.

All companies aspire to ‘develop’ their talent. ‘Reduce’ their teams ramp times and maintain a ‘cohesive’ organisation. Which is underpinned by technology that is fully embedded and utilised.

But when you’re working in a business so focused on ‘outcomes’ – with ‘limited headcount’ – a Sales Enablement function simply isn’t justified. Inevitably, you’re left leaning on already overworked Sales Leaders and Managers.

The impact these sessions have on customers is profound.

I demonstrated how to develop and upskill their employees at record speed to retain and their talent. And, show them how to maintain operational excellence through the use of their existing technology as the business grows.

Combine this with my passion for health and wellness (looking after ourselves in this ever-changing world with ever-changing challenges), I decided I wanted to make an even bigger impact.

The only way forward was to produce a unique offering of my own.

I will continue to be an evangelist for Salesforce, the values, their technology, and their practices. I will remain in the eco-system for years to come.

I simply want to help and impact more businesses and people by using my knowledge and expertise to improve internal processesenable and develop highly successful teams, using the latest technology, techniques, and methodologies.

All while delivering training and coaching that’s fundamentally tied to accompanying health benefits.

Mood Now: Sad. Happy. Indebted. Excited. Empowered.

“Businesses need to empower their People and People need to empower themselves”

Danielle Dacunha-Howarth
Founder | Enablement Specialist | Coach PurplePatch

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