Why the ‘Wrong Mindset’ is Causing your Goals to Fail

(And a simple technique that changes everything)

Purple Patch

Did you start this year with the intention of dedicating more time to getting fit, eating well, and taking better care of yourself physically and emotionally?

If you are making in-roads and sticking to ‘what you set your sights on’ then well done, keep up the good work. If not, and you’ve already fallen off the wagon, I think I might know why.

The Deadly ‘Line in the Sand’ False Promise

I’ve never been a fan of New Year Resolutions. What most of us do is crazy. Accelerate our intake right up until the very moment we draw that line in the sand (usually 31st December, eh?).

  • I’ll binge drink all through the holiday season – and then do dry January
  • I’ll eat my way through ALL the chocolate we bought – so it’s completely gone by January
  • No point starting my Gym membership now, I just won’t have a chance to go – I’ll start again in January

Sound familiar?

And the best of it is; we often tell ourselves these lies three months ahead of January. A fatal time-wasting tactic. Imagine the progress you ‘would have’ made if you had just started there and then, instead of ‘waiting’ for January?

We approach New Year’s resolutions with completely the wrong mindset.

It already feels too hard and too much of a challenge, so we’re never motivated to achieve (or stick to) it, let alone enjoy the experience!

But, approached in a ‘different’ way – it is achievable – it can feel easy, and most of all, you will stick to it …

Before you get all upset and hide under the covers like this fella, there is hope…

Ignoring the Noise to Set Realistic ‘Personal’ Goals 

The world today seems to constantly associate our health and fitness with weight loss. I think that’s a lazy assumption to make. 

Truth is, not every overweight person is unhealthy – or unfit. And, not all people with a ‘golden BMI’ are healthy – or fit.

Yet, every single fitness app we download bombards us with the same old questions before we’ve even signed up:

  1. Male / Female?
  2. Height?
  3. Weight?
  4. How much weight do you want to lose?
  5. When do you want to lose it by?

Aaargh! This type of general goal setting drives me insane. 

They know nothing about you – your life – or what inspires you to take action. 

You’re the only person on the planet with the ability to set yourself goals that are achievable – you’ve been doing it all your life – you’ve just forgotten how to tap into it. 

Think back to a time when your life was less stressful and complicated (tough one I know, but you can do it).

A time when nothing stopped you if you really wanted something: that job, that rental, that qualification, that house purchase, that holiday, that project, that… whatever. 

I guarantee, when you focused on achieving it, it consumed you. You thought about it all the time, made plans. You ‘took action’. 

You did ‘whatever you needed to do’ to get it done. Am I right? 

Over the next few weeks, I want to walk you through some simple steps you can take to tap back into that unswerving focus that drove you on. Changes you can make that alter your approach and help to maintain your health and fitness goals.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Writer, Poet Journalist

Phase 1: A Vision of the ‘Future You’ 

To start on the best foot possible, I’ll step you through a new approach that gives your mindset a ‘noise free’ makeover. A bespoke life plan that:

  • Encourages change in your behavior and habits
  • Doesn’t feel hard or draining on your lifestyle 
  • leaves you feeling happy and confident in the changes you make
  • Allows you to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Every one of us is different. No one person has the same job, family life, commitments, values, body type, eating habits, personality, or drive. That’s the beauty of being a Human Being.

So, let’s concentrate on exactly what you want to achieve. Something you’ll enjoy. Something that is designed to work for you. But, let’s also go deeper. Let’s focus on ‘how you will feel’ when you get there.

The first simple step is to spend a few minutes writing down what a healthy lifestyle looks like for you

Just picture yourself a few weeks down the line, being really happy and content with your new healthy lifestyle – then scribble down what that looks and feels like.

What activities would you include? What physical activities do you like? Do you do it on your own? With your family, friends, partner? 

Next, dig deep into your weekly routines. Where and how could you fit new activities in? 

Think about your current eating habits, what do you think needs to change? What types of food would you like to see yourself eating? How can you include this ‘practically’ into your life?

After just a few minutes, you should end up with something like this …


Every Monday I attend a fitness class on my lunch break. I feel by ensuring I exercise on a Monday; I start the week right. I commit to one, 60-minute, fast-paced evening walk with my partner (rain or shine) on a night which suits us both. It gives us time to talk, get our heart rates up, and the kids might even join. On a Wednesday I play netball, it’s social, fun, and I certainly get a sweat on! Friday, I go to the gym before work for one hour and work on my strength. I consume 2 litres of water per day, I have a large bottle on my desk, and I always make sure I get through it.

We plan our evening meals on a Sunday and buy the ingredients we need. Our meals take no longer than 40 minutes to prepare, they are delicious, healthy, and nourishing. I get seven hours sleep per night, and we switch off our phones one hour before bedtime. I read one book per month, something ‘non-work’ related that either grows my mind or transports me elsewhere.

I feel calmer, more content, and accomplished as I’m easily achieving my fitness goals and I’m noticing my clothes fit me perfectly.


That’s just one of many ‘future visions’ written by those I’ve helped. It took just a few minutes to scribble down. But – it changes everything.

All you have to do is stop looking at it as a ‘vision’ – and use it as a ‘plan’.

Simple? Yes – of course. But, it’s also powerful. Why? Because you now have a blueprint of your future. This plan is all about youyour life – and your goals.

It’s a plan designed specifically by you – to work easily around your life.

When you write it down in this way; you can ‘see’ yourself doing it. You can ‘see’ how easy it is, how you ‘can’ implement it. And that, is something you ‘will’ stick to. 

Having seen the results in action, I know how well it works (and is still working) for me – and the people who gave it a go. I’m hoping it has the same results for you.

So why not give it a chance? Go ahead and write out what a healthy happy lifestyle looks like for you

I’d love to see what you come up with, so feel free to share it with me.

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